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Develop High-performing Talent To Drive Your Business Forward

Build more productive teams by making the right hires, understanding what makes people tick, and keeping them deeply engaged behind a clear, inspiring vision.

Work ON Your Business, Instead of IN It

Escape 80+ hour weeks and unlock new growth opportunities by avoiding time-consuming ‘busy work’ and keeping your focus on key results-driving activities.

Take Your Team & Company to Unprecedented Heights

Remove all barriers, inefficiencies and blind spots that are stopping your team, company and career from growing to the level they are capable of.

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"John's one to one coaching has been transformative for me. John supported me as I transitioned from Acting President to President and CEO. John ensured that I focused on the right things, helped me shape my own leadership style to reflect and manage in the new role and also to build a new strategy for the Chamber. John has also worked with my Leadership Team and his work there has been invaluable. With his help we uncovered and dealt with the elephants in the corners, created a roadmap for the future and built an entirely new culture a way for the team and the Chamber to reach our potential. I would heartily recommend John to any CEO as an advisor and coach to create that roadmap for the future - for the CEO and the Leadership Team"

Gary J Salamido President and CEO.North Carolina Chamber of Commerce

“In the first twelve months since using John Murphy we grew the business by 40%, we won the biggest single account in our industry and successfully created an entire new operating structure for Rothco. I would be and have been delighted to recommend John Murphy to any CEO looking to establish an external partner to help harness exceptional talent within their organisation.”

Patrick Hickey Rothco Ltd

"John's leadership coaching and team building efforts have really helped unleash the full potential of my team as a people manager."

Andrew Otoo President, Global Vaccines, Merck

Are you an ambitious leader who knows you’re
capable of so much more but you…

Lack clarity and decisive decision-making due to near-constant ‘noise’?
Find it near impossible to develop, motivate and retain exceptional talent?
Struggle to prioritise the right things to get the job done?
Feel shackled by your own mindset at times?

Then, know this, you’re exactly where almost every
successful leader has been at some point.

And there is a clear path forward…

Managing a high-performing team is a complex, constantly evolving challenge. But to have true
success, it’s a skill every ambitious leader must master.

If you’re like most leaders I work with, your team is not fully engaged, weighed down by
underperformers and without a clear vision. It can feel like you’ve tried everything
you’ve read in management books or heard at seminars and nothing worked.

What you do next defines the direction and success of you as a leader and your team.

Will you carry on a path of disengagement without clear vision which stops you
reaching your fullest potential?


Will you breakthrough what’s holding you back to become the outstanding
leader you know you are meant to be?

I help mould successful business leaders by
giving you the 3 core things you need
to be an exceptional leader…

 1.     A clearly defined ‘success roadmap’ for all parts of your life

Develop your business for the long-term, manage fast growth and power through challenging times to work better, faster and in a more aligned way.

  • Predictably and effectively grow your business
  • Outperform your competition
  • Align short and long-term goals with daily, weekly and monthly structures

2.      An indestructible process for getting the important things done

Stay focused on the important issues to manage effectively, instil accountability and optimise time-management to enhance productivity.

  • Consistently make smarter, more incisive decisions
  • Operate with a long-term focus that breeds success
  • Clearly set and drive your team’s priorities

3.      The rare ability to build an inspiring team culture at any organisation

Master the deft art of the human side of success. Nurture a powerful team culture in which everyone is aligned, engaged and demands more of each other.

  • Define a clear, inspiring vision and mission
  • Hire the right people and cultivate the right attitudes
  • Align people to goals and challenge poor behaviour

Challenge yourself, your thinking,
and the way you lead…
With help from an international business coach
who’s been where you want to go.

The business coaching world is a noisy place.

Peel back the surface layer and you’ll find the experience of many self-appointed ‘coaches’ comes straight
from the pages of business books on Amazon. Books anyone could purchase with a click.

My experience isn’t the kind you can find in a handful of readily-available books.

It’s hard-won over the course of three decades through a relentless drive as a
Sales Director, CEO, Executive Chairman and successful entrepreneur.

“Hi, I’m John Murphy…
I help global companies create winning teams”

I’ve been where you are today.

An ambitious, highly-motivated leader with the
world at my feet and the weight of a team
on my shoulders.

For the past 10 years I’ve coached leaders of Fortune
100 and 500 organisations globally. Major
companies like Airbus, , Merck Pfizer, KLM and
Vodafone trust me to shape, motivate and optimise
the teams of their billion-dollar operations.
Now, this same top echelon leadership coaching is
available to you.

You are one decision away from becoming the
leader you are destined to be, and enjoy the
success you deserve…

Take your next step to unlock your team’s
potential today…

Team Coaching

Every year, I work 1-on-1 with a small number of leaders and businesses aspiring for more.

Delivered over 12 months, this training is tailored specifically to the needs of your team and business to make you more productive, effective and elevate your results.


Executive Coaching

I work with a select number of CEOs and senior executive directors to help them reach their full leadership potential.

My executive coaching helps you become more effective and influential by discovering the confidence, mindset and focus you need to be a great leader.


Here is what our clients say…

“John is a true professional, very results driven. He was a tremendous help to our business, enabling us to get the focus we required. I would have no challenge whatsoever in recommending him”

Ian Masterson
M Communications Ltd

“John is an action orientated advisor and coach. He gets executives and teams to focus on the key activities that will get results. He makes sure people drive through on their weekly and monthly activities and coaches them to develop areas that don’t come naturally.”

John OGorman
ASG Group

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