Performance-Accelerating Executive
Coaching That Gets Fast,
Measurable Results

Discover the confidence, mindset and focus you need to be a
great leader. It’s your performance-accelerating plan for
every aspect of your career – and life.


Enhancing the Impact of Top Executives Globally…

How can I help you elevate the performance
of your team?

…by empowering you to become a more effective and influential leader.
Here are the 4 key ways we make it happen…

#1 Develop a clear strategy for growing your business & career

By thinking strategically and focusing on what’s most impactful

#2 Connect, communicate and motivate your team

With powerful goals, clear direction and an inspiring mission.

#3 Work smarter by becoming more agile, resourceful and prepared

For any challenge, role or responsibility.

#4 Master time management and prioritise

What’s most important to optimize performance and productivity

As a modern leader, you’ve
never been under more
pressure to perform
than today…

Demands are ever-increasing, more is expected with fewer resources, and there is a near-daily challenge of adapting to an ever-evolving business world.

Overstretched, burnt out and second-guessing yourself, the pressure to perform can be mentally and physically overwhelming. It can stunt company growth, team performance, and hold you back from your true leadership potential.

Without making a conscious decision to make a change, it’s easy to stay doing what you’re doing. Endlessly grinding away, never taking a clear step back to cultivate a clear mindset.

Are you not fulfilling your full potential as a leader because…?

  • You’re unable to motivate and get the most out of team members
  • Time management is an ever-present struggle
  • Getting the most important things done is difficult
  • You need a clearer strategy to drive your business forward
  • Your goals are unclear and you lack direction

As a leader, you need a sounding board, someone with a clear line of sight who isn’t caught up in the day-to-day business

Every great leader has a coach or mentor they can turn to. A trusted ally, a balancing viewpoint and someone to push you to be the best you can be.

When there’s no one to turn to internally, the experienced, outside perspective of an executive coach lets you see with clarity, act without emotion, and think rationally.

Executive coaching helps you develop an executive presence, fast-track your career growth and motivate your team to drive lasting change – and meaningful results.


Executive coaching is the perfect fit for all
types of ambitious, growth-minded leaders.
This is for you if you are a…

  • Business Leader
  • Manager
  • CEO
  • Business Executive
  • Professional Practitioner

How Executive Coaching Works

Zero-in on the changes you need to make and the actions you need to take to make rapid change
that lasts

Executive coaching isn’t simply telling you what’s wrong or right. It’s about guiding you through the leadership process, giving you fresh ideas, tools and confidence to reach your full potential as a leader.

It will be challenging at times – because this is when real growth happens. You will deal with your doubts, obstacles and ambitions, identifying what you really want and how to achieve it more quickly and effectively.

Our Coaching Process

1. Vision – Goals & Training Plan caught up in the day-to-day business.


Your future success begins with clarity about what you want to achieve and the vision you have for your team. Together, we design a goal-focused executive training plan that is your clear roadmap for meaningful change.

Your training plan features clear, measurable actions and outcomes. It isn’t obsessed with technical detail, instead focuses on what you do as a company and the vision you’re aiming to achieve.

Forward progress depends on constant assessment and accountability. Every two weeks, your scheduled coaching call will track your progress against your training plan and align your actions for the period ahead.

In a fast-paced world of constant challenges, you also have access to quick “anytime check ins” whenever you need a sounding board. These highly valued sessions deliver real-world solutions to the issues you are facing, such as the direction of your business, managing underperforming staff or handling a new challenge.

2. Accountability – Coaching Calls & ‘Anytime Check-ins’

3. Relationship – Personalized Coaching, Online Convenience

A strong, personal relationship is the backbone of executive coaching. It allows for two-way trust that produces open, honest dialogue that gets to the heart of your biggest challenges and unlocks your full growth potential.

I know, as a leader, your schedule is busy enough as it is. That’s why all coaching is done one-on-one online. This convenient online approach removes the need to travel or squeeze in yet another face-to-face meeting, maximizing the value of your time and providing clear space to think deeply and talk at length.

To sharpen your focus and support your development, you are given access to innovative, intuitive and flexible assessment tools.

Deploying modern technology alongside the personal side of coaching helps accelerate its impact by giving you a clear, ever-evolving picture of your progress to keep you tracking towards your goals. In short, they ensure you follow through on the objectives you set to achieve the results you need.

4. Monitoring – Innovative Assessment Tools

What some of the 100’s of executives
say about working with me…

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“The success of our group (and a subsequent group as a direct result) can be clearly related to John’s sharp intellect, obvious integrity and no nonsense approach. I value his views at all times.”

John Mulcahy Irish Tourist Board

“John is a strong direct leader who will not shirk issues. A careful listener who constructively challenges in order to obtain best possible results. He detests the proverbial ‘elephant in the corner’ and will not allow anyone to avoid important issues.”

Ralph Peters Inspire Results

With the right support, you can put yourself in
control of your business and life

The impact of executive coaching goes far beyond the four walls of your office. It
gives you a mindset, plan and focus to re-shape every part of your life.