Ask yourself… What percentage of
your team’s overall potential is
currently being realized?

Your team’s full potential is waiting to be unlocked.
Pinpoint, measure & realise your team’s overall potential to
achieve business-defining performance gains of up to 25%.


Trusted by Leaders of the World’s Largest Companies

How can I help you elevate the performance
of your team?

…by enabling your team to reach its fullest potential and accelerate growth and
revenue. Here are the 4 key ways we make it happen…

#1 Optimizing performance and productivity

By aligning your team, enabling them to achieve their goals – year after year.

#2 Upskilling team members to become more effective leader

Who have a lasting, high impact on team performance.

#3 Building a performance-enabling culture

That fosters positive behaviours, honest relationships and more engaged team members.

#4 Transforming performance losses into gains

Using a systematic model that pinpoints inefficiencies and gives you a clear plan for success.

Is your team like most, only achieving a fraction of its full potential?

Make no mistake, managing a team is your biggest challenge as a leader – and your greatest opportunity. Simply, how your team functions defines your entire performance,
results and ultimate success — and your career.

Your team is a complex ecosystem. It’s filled with different personalities, styles and motivations. It takes an aligned and engaged culture to reach your team’s fullest potential.

If alignment is absent, your team will be afraid to speak the truth, stealthy “water cooler” conversations will undermine trust, and no matter how many meetings you have,
the real issues will continue unaddressed.

If you know your team is capable of more, but you’re unsure of how
to get the best of them, you’re certainly not alone…

On average, teams only reach 61% of their potential.

Seeing the problem is one thing, making meaningful change is another

Often, it’s clear problems exist. You can see, feel and
sense it – just about every minute of the day. Not just you,
but your team members notice as well, only adding to
the disconnection.

But just knowing your team isn’t reaching its full
potential alone isn’t enough. It takes the right course of
action to build an aligned, engaged team. And identifying
and implementing the right approach is not always easy
to define.

A team performing at its fullest potential is capable of almost anything

When objectives are aligned, team members are highly engaged, and the right people are exactly where they’re needed, incredible results happen.

Once you experience this kind of optimised environment, its fullest potential is unlocked. The potential for greatness is limitless.

Our Pitstop for Performance™ team coaching methodology helps you align and optimize your team behind a clear mission, transforming performance losses into gains of between 7-25% over a six-month period.

Pitstop for Performance™
Operate with focus, discipline and speed

Pitstop for Performance™ takes inspiration from the results-obsessed world of Formula One racing.

There’s no more finely tuned team operation than a Formula One pitstop – it’s the benchmark for high performing teams. Every team member is clear on their role, focused and acting as one – down to the second.

When a pit crew works in perfect sync, they give their team the winning edge. And it’s no different in your organization. When you work with focus, discipline and speed, your team gains a key competitive advantage.

Measure, Monitor & Unlock
Your Team’s Potential

Pitstop for Performance™ looks at your team in eye-opening totality. It’s an unmatched
systematic model for assessing and optimizing your performance and potential.

Based on 10 years’ research and developed in conjunction with 400 leading global
companies, the program uses a winning combination of predictive analytics,
insights & tools, 1-on-1 coaching, workshops and group coaching.
Behind its success are three core principles:

1.    Measure Performance Potential

Using powerful online analytics, we measure your team’s performance potential. By putting an exact number on your potential, you’ll see the huge opportunities for growth in clear, objective detail.

2.    Model Performance Potential

By modelling the 186 factors (called performance losses, or gains) that determine your team’s performance potential, we identify what’s holding you back and what will drive you forward.

3.    Unlock Performance Potential

Your team’s full potential is unlocked by systematically pinpointing the factors to focus on that will challenge, test and help your team become more effective, productive and collaborative.

The easy, high ROI business case to make

At a time when more is being demanded with less, Pitstop for Performance™ lets you experience measurable results – without extra headcount, massive budget increases or wholesale restructuring.

Whether your team is working on a new initiative, or not getting the results in core operations, business team coaching delivers renewed energy and commitment.