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What is the Business Team Coaching

JMI’s Business Team Coaching Programme is tailored to meet the needs of your teams and your
business and is delivered over a twelve-month period.

There are three key aspects to the BusinessTeam Coaching Programme: Framework for Action, On
Track and uOnline all of which combine to deliver excellent business team coaching.

Framework for Action (F4A)

Framework for Action is the heart of JMI’s Business Team Coaching Program: a two-day team coaching workshop to create the framework on which the team can work better, faster and in a more aligned way. F4A follows a process to help the team review and learn from its past, align on the forthcoming annual goals, work to develop strong and clear accountabilities and set up an approach to enable the most effective team dynamics. The results will be a detailed team plan which documents objectives and accountabilities as well as the more transformational aspects of a successful team. This is really business team coaching in action.

On Track

On Track is a monthly meeting that takes place during the one-year period. It covers two aspects:

Firstly, we review progress in all areas of team performance. We’ll review the team’s success against goals & accountabilities as well as the softer aspects of the team’s development – such as behavior , attitude, co-operations etc. This is a critical part of the team’s ability to move forward and enables the team to have regular open conversation about progress and the deeper aspects of how the team is working.

Secondly, we develop and educate the team members so that they can improve how they understand and communicate with each other, with the ultimate outcome of developing trust, connection and the results of a high
performing team.

On Track may work on topics such as:

  • Personal responsibility & accountability.
  • Team identity.
  • Values-driven team behaviours.
  • Good-to-great performance.
  • Building & sustaining trust.
  • The law of attraction.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Delivering on personal expectations.
  • Leadership practices.

Winning Teams Workshops

Growth PitStop has been developed to create those winning teams for global companies.

Can your team work with the:
Focus, intensity, & SPEED of a PITSTOP?

Business is a lot like racing. It ’s about: Competition, speed and winning. There is only one thing missing – great Pitstops!

Effective reviews of performance are key to winning. But when is the last time your team had an pitstop to review its performance or maximize its potential? Moreover did that pitstop help your team to win?

Pit teams rapidly assess their grid position, but will they agree?

They won’t ever have discussed performance this way before!

During your event attendees will work in pit teams. The idea is just like in racing – to come together as a team, identify problems and
fix them fast!

Teams build a formula capable of accelerating growth.

Research shows that the ability of a cross-functional management team to
work effectively together is a key
competitive advantage

Research shows that the ability of a cross-functional management team to work effectively together is a key competitive advantage

The highly choreographed precision of the pit stop sets the benchmark for high performing teams. But does your team have the focus, discipline and speed required to win?

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"This is one of the few occasions that I really saw the different functions work well together"

COO Utilities

“In the first twelve months since using John Murphy we grew the business by 40%, we won the biggest single account in our industry and successfully created an entire new operating structure for Rothco. I would be and have been delighted to recommend John Murphy to any CEO looking to establish an external partner to help harness exceptional talent within their organisation.”

Patrick Hickey Rothco Ltd

During your event teams will create a definition of winning capable of accelerating themselves & their organization.

Wait for the surprising insights into what motivates your
team as they build the winning or finishing line!

Most managers say that their organizations can
and should grow faster. But how to do it? The
answer is in the pit lane.

Teams pin-point what is and is not working with the
strategy and execution. But how quickly can they select the
key area for improvement?

Most managers say that their organizations can and should grow faster. But how to do
it? The answer is in the pit lane.

In addition to insights from the latest international business research, the Growth Pitstop™ draws inspiration from the most competitive sport there is; Formula One™. It combines the analytical with the creative to generate new insights about the performance of your organization and team.

A powerful way of engaging executives in assessing your organization’s performance & potential. The result: renewed energy and commitment.

Business units and teams share their views on how to accelerate performance with the conference.

A range of new methodologies has emerged to tackle the challenges of engaging conference audiences, including; World Café, Strategic Conversations and Action Learning. Built into the Growth Pitstop™ approach they deliver new; dialogue, creative problem solving and innovation.

The Growth Pitstop™ infuses the traditional strategies of business with the passion for winning that characteristics F1™. It is based on three published books, 1.5 million pages of business best
practice research and benchmarking data across 47 markets.

The result is a Formula for Growth™ capable of identifying and exploiting hidden growth potential of 7% to 25% in most organizations, business units or teams. It is the most powerful way to
engage and align your team around growth.

Ready To Take Your Team Leadership
To The Next Level

  • More productive?
  • More accountable?
  • More demanding of each other?
  • More aligned on key issues?
  • More effective at growing the business?
  • Performing better than your competitors?
  • Far better at living and communicating the vision?

My Top Team Training Program has helped teams across all industries to be more productive, more effective and achieve what they are capable of – year after year!